>> Sunday, May 13, 2007

Good bye

I probably haven't mentioned this..
I love you all. Thanks, everyone.

I don't blog, but my cell is on. 012-292 5640. If you come by KLCC and I happen to be in office, let's grab a bite to eat. You can also write me: ahmad.zidni.mat@gmail.com

(There is only one chance to write again, that is if I become systems engineer like Vowe - because the work demands it, somehow.)

*Blogging ends with this line*

>> Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lost Cause

I have lost the drivers; my stories are just not worth sharing. If there is one thing the world can do without: it's me. Finally, the time has come.

This is the official announcement.

After 32,200 hits, many many entries (I have no idea how many), many many versions, I am putting this to a stop.

Thank you for visiting, everyone. :-) (I will leave this site as it is, perhaps coming by only to respond to shouts).

P/S: K.Long, perhaps you can get updates from dad's website. Or, I'll send you an e-mail about what's happening.

Bowling Alley

We bowled for ST. I reached my average 130, but it's still frustrating. I know I could've done better.

>> Thursday, May 10, 2007


Two economists were inspecting a trail of working ants, one holding a magnifying glass over a signboard held up by an ant over its head that says:

Productivity = Output / Input

I am sure you have seen this cartoon.


I'm floundering. I am not sure what is wrong exactly but I definitely cannot excel. Everyday is a struggle just to survive. The work schedule calls for personal time more than even the doctors. There are not as many seniors around to ask for help, and they're also busy and tied up with base businesses. I've heard enough of better offers, attrition, marginalization of local employees, resources and unit cost management, discontinuation of some support services within groups, downtime, leaks, and so on and so forth...

despite all that, my only focus now is...

to master the PLC.

>> Monday, May 07, 2007

Employee: Most Wanted

Based on recent survey ( I forgot which one exactly ):

" The bachelor's degrees most desired by prospective employers are, in order:
  1. mechanical engineering
  2. electrical engineering
  3. accounting
  4. business administration/management
  5. economics/finance
  6. computer science
  7. information sciences and systems
  8. marketing
  9. computer engineering
  10. chemical engineering


Somebody won Wachovia recently. Double hints from the picture.

>> Sunday, May 06, 2007


A new digital camera I just purchased. Lumix I call it.

Photo Ops

A few attempts at photography. An evening in Tulsa, Cyberjaya, lotus in the lake there,

The best of all, the lily I found.


Can somebody translate this for me??

It probably means something inspiring / motivational type of words. Big words.