>> Wednesday, August 31, 2005

National Day

Merdeka is not really Merdeka. Have you seen them Malaysians on TV and concerts? With tight jeans, basketball jerseys and blink-blink people jumping and shouting like crazy on stage, they forgot what Independence was all about. Apparently, we were celebrating the physical independence, but not our mentality. Our minds are still not free of the external influence. We are afraid to bring our own style and ignore what the others are outlining for us.

Why do we have, for example, the west as a guideline to show freedom? Why don’t we write our own definition of freedom? Why don’t we be proud of our original heritage and foundation? Most importantly, as an Islamic country, we weigh Merdeka more than we do Isra’ Mikraj - the real test to Muslim’s Taqwa, Iman and Islam. What’s going on?

>> Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life is Like That?

Top ten hints that you're probably working for a huge multinational corporation:
  • The only software working on your station is practically the e-mail client.
  • Regardless of your vast experience in the company, you are still lost in the terminology.
  • You are supposed to speak up even though you don't have any important things say.
  • Fellow employees talk to each other and socialize only to show that you have some people skills, even though you don't really care about the other party.
  • In technical seminars, attendees are desperate to be visible by looking at loopholes like lawyears and asking unnecessary questions during the session.
  • Top managers really know how to bore people to death during one of his wall-of-text PowerPoint presentations.
  • Engineers spend more time pusing papers and coording meeting than doing the actual work of troubleshooting and repairing machines and facilities.
  • Trying to look busy is one of the skills acquired over time and one knows well enough that the others are doing the same thing.
  • You notice that your colleague speaks as fast as possible in an attempt to look knowledgeable though he doesn't actually understand himself some times.
  • To do one simple task, you have to go through three senior employees, two group supervisors, two secretaries, several controllers, a team of audit, and one top management personnel. The task was to find out if it was necessary to go through all the steps you just did.

>> Monday, August 29, 2005

Midvalley City

With some guides from Dad and Lahmat, I ventured out into the wilderness of the city and drove to Midvalley City. LOL. How was that so adventurous? Well, the more you're lost, the better you are in learning the roads. You learn from mistakes, remember? I mistook one exit earlier and missed one exit, resulting in two long U-turns. I was actually picking up my laptop from the service center my hard disk had been replaced and it’s up and running.

>> Sunday, August 28, 2005

Backup for Backup

IOC soccer: I was a reserve player for the soccer team - not even a regular substitute. I went there until noon and left. Dad had gone to Malacca thus I had to send Alya to Kolam Ayer.