>> Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Place of My Own

After 3 times moving around the house, I finally settle in to a place of my own. Thanks mum! Thanks dad! I consider it a gift for graduation/joining the workforce, whichever one's more valuable or both.

It's fairly simple and modest. I like it. Notice I prefer a lower bed (thanks to Muzani's carpentry), or no bed at all. =p

Raya Qurban

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

>> Friday, December 29, 2006

John Terry vs Steve Brand

Striking resemblance, if not uncanny - John Terry (Chelsea, England) and Steve Brand (The Scorpion King, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer).


It was brief. I was disorganized. A rush trip to Pudu Raya. (Tuesday).

I'm tired of my own blogs. Here's a quick and dirty update.

Tuesday, sand paper business with the rack down at the 'attic'. Functionally 'attic' but it's not under the roof. Wira was sent to the workshop for complete overhaul. It's about time. Many Losts. The audience is too.

Wednesday, I called office for any follow-ups. Slept late attending to a damsel in distress.

Thursday, met up with Farah Y. for a logistics mission. It was very brief because her schedule wouldn't allow it. It was the main reason why she couldn't seal the original plan by herself in the first place.

Friday, Alya accompanied me on the logistics mission - accomplished. Wira's engine overhaul had also been completed. Muzani and I sent both WCG and TV to the body shop for some touch-ups. We measured and bought the windows for the new room.

>> Monday, December 25, 2006

Terengganu Finale

Mum was a bit emotional when we left. I guess it had something to do with attachment of sons & daughters to parents. She was insisting on obeying them, as supposed to following your heart all the way. Kids these days aren't the same. They have more options and more choices and some tend to abuse the kind of luxury without looking at the overall rationale and reasonings of elder generation. I believe she's stressing on the combination of the two, with higher priority given to getting the bless from the elderly. Then, we
  • picked up keropok stock.
  • literally flew through the highway (departed around 11 and reached home by 6.45pm)
  • stopped by Cik De Zu's place again.
  • stopped by to visit Ayoh Long near Gambang.
  • had dinner at Chop & Steak, huge order, because we never stopped for meals during the journey.

>> Sunday, December 24, 2006

Picture of the Day

Four generations: Tuk Seni(ng) (in white veil, looking cold), her daughter - mum (in yellowish veil), mum's daughter K.Long (in green and purple flowers), and K.Long's daughter Arifah held in her arms. Pok Su (in white and red) is considered part of mum until the school starts. =)

Terengganu Day 3

We were at Pasar Kedai Payang and the bus station for several things. I got myself a new belt and an emergency underwear. Yeah, I was packing in such a hurry and completely forgotten my underpants. Fine, laugh all you want. ;D Hey, at least I remember my toothbrush. =)

We spent a significant time on rings. Yeah, you heard me. Rings. I was interested in the coconut gem but none of them fits. Muzani got himself an 'eye of the tiger'. Then we headed towards the bus station for all kinds of clothes, shoes, etc2. K.Long and Ipah took a trishaw ride while the rest of us walked. It was very exhausting and I failed to secure a pair of sandal of my choosing. Couldn't find the one I want. Later in the evening - attending Pok Su's case with the new car and a visit to Pantai Tok Jembal near the airport.

Pictures: new attraction at the beach - horse ride, coconut gem, and Seberang Takir from a distance.

>> Saturday, December 23, 2006

Terengganu Day 2

We visited Tok Su, Teh, Cik-Pok Soh, Cik De Hah & co.

1. 'Jantung pisang' (banana flower, blossom, or heart, Musa paradisiaca/ Cavendish?/ acuminata?) at Tok Su's. One of Tok Ki's real estate was just right next door.
2. AbgLong promoting his favorite budu, a type of local sauce blend that adds extra delicacy to mainly fish dishes. He's probably well on his way to become a budu connoisseur.
3. Tok Ki, his mini farm, next to home at Paya Datu.
4. Ghasidah, Rojak, Sare (seaweed and vinegar), and many more. Wait, why were there grapes? =p

>> Friday, December 22, 2006

Terengganu Day 1

Departed slightly after noon, having to welcome a surprise visit from Dato Yusof Nor who was overseeing a cut down of 3rd degree jungle next door. Prior to that, I had to settle everything in the office earlier in the morning. Everybody seemed to be wanting a piece all at the same time, vendor, insurance agent, officemate, old colleague, etc. I hooked up a photographer for a future wedding ceremony - maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't - I just hope that both parties are better off.

We stopped by Temerloh for a late lunch. Then we had a long stop at Cik De Zu's in Kemaman. Cik De Zu is like my 2nd mum. I mistook her for my mother while Muzani was born. She took care of me for a short a while and I instinctually thought she was my mother while my real mum was quite occupied embracing the newborn Muzani. But at the end of the day, I naturally found out who my mother really was, am, and come to think about it, all aunts are mothers anyway.

We reached Paya Datu by around midnight, after screaming and hollers of both mum and k.Long at Muzani and my driving respectively. Single-lane freeway. Can't help it.

>> Thursday, December 21, 2006

Universal Values

Kindness transcends all forms of layers, races, origins, colors, genders of all the different classes and subclasses that we are in. I was giving LMC a ride to Petaling Street and immediately noticed it. The training ended with a lunch at TTDI Jaya with all of the operators and the course instructor. They were so hoping that Linda could join but tough luck, eh? LOL.

I rushed to office for a brainstorming meeting that I didn't see coming. Then I messed up an opportunity to clear everything to my superior. I'm just a terrible subordinate. That may or may not be the reason why things are being called off all the time. I want to improve but it's unfortunately not the field that I know how. It's also equally frustrating when I can't fully exercise my potential. Or perhaps potential has got nothing to do with it - it's all hardwork, as my superior would put it.

>> Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some Reading Materials

An engineer reading some form of economics. Let see what it says.

Safety System Training

I've been attending a training course at Tri Systems, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. Elite highway makes sure the journey is quick and simple. It detours slightly to the west and totally out of the traffic radar. Yeah, do you think it's easy to pass through Sunway Toll (the end of LDP), the Kelana Jaya's 'Jambatan Pulau Pinang' exit towards Federal Highway, and the Federal Highway itself, at around 8.00 in the morning? Who would map any route & directions in Malaysia, at all? The roads go round and round and then disappear. Malaysia boleh (Malaysia can...)

>> Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Mishmash

Bullet points :)

  • Seemingly high cholesterol intake in the last couple of days; from ice-cream to cakes, fast food, red meat, and back to fast food again. Without much physical activities, I can almost feel the clogging sensation.
  • Spending at an increasing rate. Money flows like I have no idea how much things are worth. A downward revision is highly recommended. "Money doesn't buy everything -- but everything seems to be depending on money."
  • Opening up my tunes to jazz. Smooth jazz specifically. And no, I'm not trying to be smooth. :p
  • Attended Liza's wedding ceremony in Seremban. Not as well coordinated as originally planned but it worked out just fine. Congrats, Liza! May yourself & Izat live happily ever after. Erm, thanks for attending to the weird request. I hope it's not that weird anymore. :)
  • Accidentally dropped my Touch-N-Go at 1-Utama yesterday. I knew exactly when and how it happened but I didn't notice it was the Touch-N-Go card then. Bummer.
  • Dragging knee patients here and there and overflowing the original time constraint. Many unplanned instances especially towards the end. It feels both good and bad. The outcome is not too bad I think.
  • My back jolted unsteadily in many instances, majority of which were during walking. In two occasions, I had to stop whatever I was doing and waited for the pain to go away. The scary part is, the pain was not at the same spot that I normally had.
1st Layer
  • I'm more or less convinced that relationship is hard. Well, I knew about it, but not to the extent of today. But that's doesn't mean I'm not going to try. Is there such thing as trying too hard?
  • I told someone, "Don't take it too hard." But I was taking things very hard then myself. Well, I didn't feel like it was hard, but it did leave some sort of a chain reaction. I'm still rounding up some of the aftermaths.
  • I thought women love surprises? Well, it seems like half of them are half expecting the surprises already. Not that I have met half of the women in the world, but... nevermind. I'm clueless.
A. High intake is also a side-effect of trying to compensate for worrying about something.
B. It's kicking in my head now. Some kind of headache. Too much of, erm, unhealthy ingestion. I think.

1. Rest my back. Check with doctor, chiropractor, masseur?
2. Investigate further the resigning-with-25 year experience case that I heard recently.

>> Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Kids

Denephew & Denise :D

>> Friday, December 15, 2006

Never Regret A Glory

I'm beginning to doubt the sacrifice I made 7 days ago. A glory to you may not be a glory to someone else, right? If you bear the cost alone and not being appreciated at all at the same time, it's pretty close to any worthless stunts already done.

Forget all that. Let's shine some light. Perhaps I just wanted to perform my very best they way I know how to. That's all. I was a little out of line maybe, but it's the single most enjoyable moment I have ever had ever since joining the work force. You never know what you lose when you let go of an opportunity.

**I sounded like van Nistelrooy after a discord with the manager/coach. LOL.

I haven't been able to write properly and convey my ideas in here lately. Things are piling up so quickly, I haven't be able to take the time and outline it.

>> Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recovery A

Hey, I can slide my knee back! And I only need walking stick for standing-walking comprehensive events only. Otherwise, I can stand on my own two feet just fine.

>> Monday, December 11, 2006

The Puzzle

Header: (complex entry like this may require revisions from time to time. Watch for changes.)

I'm in a lot of dilemmas. Sometimes, I just wish I don't have to make the big decisions. But that's not how it works. Life trains you to make such decisions as you prepare yourself to make more and bigger ones in the future. My dad's version is, "if you have the power to choose then do so wisely." Trust me, I have learned that making a choice by itself is a responsibility and not only a freedom.

So what would make me twist my head 360 and back again to the opposite direction hoping to get all perspectives, but only result in a strain in the neck? Two things. And I'm going to ask one question only as the hint for both. In your life, generally, what do you spend about 12 hours on, and the other 12 doing something differently? (Hint: And you switch in between regularly and almost rhythmically and hopefully not intermittently.)

One of the two would require you to look into four channels. Typically you shall try and go for all four but you can settle with one at the very least. This part is in fact the greater in significance than the other one. You can drop the other one but not this. Whereas the other one requires more categories and even more development that you initially thought it needed. As already mentioned, it is not as significant as the first but it is still an important dimension.

Why a dilemma? Well, things don't fall into place like Lego with labeled instructions. Maybe I'm afraid of the future and too disappointed with the past. Or there's a huge wound inside still recovering. I have once delayed a decision for a year and half for something I'm afraid would happen in the future and lo and behold, my fear was true enough and it happened. Even with a hundred stars in the hand, I deferred the decision anyway. I am a very difficult person to convince and even after you think that you have convinced me, think again. I do not see even with all my senses ready, let alone locked. Do you think there is a reason that I do not remember things?

I know my values but that doesn't translate into which decision is right and which is wrong. So, how do you decide? Trust your own heart, choose, and pray to God? I have made countless wrong decisions in my life so far and sometimes, if not all the time, the results weren't so bad at all. But did things go the way I wanted? Not necessarily. But I didn't regret all of them. At least I learned my lessons as well. Does fate have anything to do with all this?

OK. Enough ranting. No doubt. No regrets. LOL.

Zidney's Believe It Or Not, someone just complimented the way I rant. I almost thought that a rant on its own is nowhere close to interesting regardless of the manner it is being conveyed. But I guess the style in which I have been indulging myself into does not reflect the behavior and characteristics of a rant. But it does. Maybe it's doesn't. Is it obvious?

>> Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Topics

In an event involving couples getting married, always tease the guy or the gal who is still single to go next. Well, it doesn't come standard but that seems to be the theme.

Earlier today we had Aboh's first daughter wedding ceremony slightly uphill of our residence. It's quite a gathering because many relatives came, namely PokJo, K. Fadilah, Abg Din, Ayoh Cik & Mok Cik, Aboh's brothers, Ayoh Li and all. Most parked their cars at our yard and walked uphill to avoid the traffic. (Aboh and I are second cousins.)

I was't able to offer much help because of my knee and so I excused myself even before half way through the event. It didn't feel good to do that.

Quotable quotes:
1 Uncle O.: These folks already tied the knot. So when do you? Dad: he googles his candidates, you know.
2 Auntie M.: The comment given to your other half might be, "Hm, he's not too bad, handsome, but unfortunately crippled."

3 Uncle R: You're not married, but you sure do look like you are.

Not to worry, I take them all as compliments.

Boys To Men

Not everyday we snap a photo of the Azimat boys. From left: Muzani (21), Asrizalni (6), Syarbini (14), Zidni (23), and Ashbihani (11). Happy belated birthday Asrizalni~


I already have 3 holes on my left knee. And I'm not married yet! =p

Hm, what's the other hole? Well, two were from the recent arthroscopy. The other one was a clean cut from a fine zinc plate back in 97/98. We were traveling to their field for a rugby game and I guess I didn't lift myself high enough through a temporary block of one of the missing gaps in the back gate between SAS and SMS Selangor then. The thin slab was actually sharp and it cut through my pants straight to the muscle around 15mm long. It was clean, like doctor's surgery knife. There's a matching stitching on that portion of the pants with the scar I have now. :D And I don't fit that pants anymore. =p

By the way, I'm reunited with my walking stick. The pain has subsided but the movement still feels a little rigid. That's why I needed the stick. I have indeed strained my left MCL and to my relief, I did not completely tear it up like last time. The reversing pattern reminds me of Gordon-Algernon effect, for those of you who followed the story of Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon. This injury also serves as a reminder that I'm mortal. For as long as I recall the knee without a ligament and a strain to another, I would be reminding myself again. You never know the form of blessings the Almighty is blessing you with.

>> Friday, December 08, 2006


It is simply a marvelous networking device. I can't ask for more. Thanks. :)

By the way, my group triumphed the games and we won the overall trophy. I managed to score several goals to seal the award. It felt good even though I had to bust my knee a bit. But the most important was we had a good time.

I may have busted or strained my left MCL. And the shot straight to my chest had left a slightly painful feeling.

>> Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I don't know why that's the title. I just feel like saying "Jambalaya".

Hey, I'm no more addicted to blogging. Well, not exactly but definitely less addicted than before. I don't know. Maybe I just found out that life demands you more of just sitting in front of a screen typing. A simple walk in the park is way more meaningful. Or a game of table-tennis.

Wait a minute. That's what I have been doing for the last two days. We had this departmental events and games between the groups and I had to bring out the table-tennis in me again. Pairing up with the boss. Great. I'm part committee, full time group captain, and the organizer for the Futsal Finale coming up this Friday. You're welcome to see us in action 2PM to 6 at Ampang Sports Planet.

But there's something more important that I want to write about. Nothing you don't already know. All your life, all the things you do, from the very beginning of your life (in this world), until as of this moment, when did you feel like something significant has struck? What are you striving everyday for? When do you feel like, if this works out, nothing else matters anymore? What is it that you truly want the most in life?

I want to write something about... if you see life through mine... but something's not right. Hey I have to go.

>> Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Time stops for a while if you're creating a dimension in your own world. There's a reason for doing that and the time-halt effect was of course not real but almost entirely too real to be denied. I'm not going to talk about creating what dimension and which kind because that would be knowing me personally, :), which has to happen in person, personally, and not here. But I do want to touch on the subject of allowing for a space inside your heart to grow. It's good development but if it goes beyond proportion..hmm.. Nah. I'm not going to continue. That would be personal as well.

Look at two closely placed, straight, and parallel lines. Both lines are alike. Things are in line, mutual and they both seem to be getting along well. But they never cross each other. No matter how long and how far the extrapolations are, infinitely, they will never cross. But if one is slightly slanted, they will both cross path eventually. The only questions are when and how far. Can't make the connection? Think deeper. :)

>> Sunday, December 03, 2006

More About Me

I notice that my blogs have been about me, me, me. Duh! (Add a retarded echo to magnify the effects) That's the whole function of the blogs. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing anything whatsoever and you don't even have to come here. I'm surprised that people come back to visit at all.

Lately I managed to salvage a muscle or two to start and build up my fitness again. After the 2-hour run on Friday, my appetite seems to be making a comeback. And physical activities should increase to go along with it. =) Push ups, sit ups, you name it. I should also jog more often, which is in more than one occasion a big stress reliever. The fresh feeling of blood-rush at the very end is priceless. Makes you feel alive. Perhaps I should also try swimming. Now, is there a good place to swim around... hmm... nada.

I have also added a spoon of Honey per day to my diet. Honey is always good. And there's a reason for someone to call his/her other half honey. But I'm not going to talk about that of course.

Furthermore, a consistent time allocated for reading the Qur'an. Previously, it was intermittent. Which was not exactly bad but not a good practice. Reading the Ultimate Guide should be consistent, steady, and continuous. No matter how little. Istiqamah. And that's what I'm working hard to gear up now. I notice I have also rusted the melodious recitation I used to have then. My breaths are also shorter as a result of ice, cold drinks, and other things. I wish I were back to 12 when none of the above issues were present.

>> Saturday, December 02, 2006

2 hours everyday. Routine.

Barely Out of Trouble

I just recovered from fever (not yet the cough), haven't played futsal in 3 months, found out that my Singapore trip had been canceled, acknowledged and confirmed the vexation at work, recently discovered a huge puzzle mass that I have to take on in many many years to come, and I was playing futsal for 2 hours to ride on them all. Without 1 cruciate ligament.

Life is no stagnation.